Ideal Seal 3000

Ideal Seal 3000 is an aluminum foil tape coated wtih a high performance mastic rubber adhesive system.  Ideal Seal 3000 meets the UL 181B-FX standard for use on duct closure systems and is printed for identification.  Click here to download our Ideal Seal 3000 flyer.


Ideal Seal 3000


Suggested end use

Ideal Seal 3000 is a dual use product for use as a vapor seal on a class 1 flexible duct, sheet metal, duct wrap and duct board.  Ideal Seal 3000 is suitable for use across a wide variety of environmental conditions.  


BackingAluminum Foil
Backing thickness2 mils (0.05 mm)
Adhesive typeMastic Rubber
Adhesive thickness15 mils (0.38mm)
Total thickness17 mils (0.43mm)
Tensile strength25 lb/in (109 N/25mm)

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