788 ColdSeal

ColdSeal by Ideal Tape

Cold Seal 788 is a premium grade nominal 2 mil aluminum foil backing coated with a high performance acrylic dhesive system.  Cold Seal 788 is UL 723 Rated and Coast Guard approved. Click here to download the Certificate of Approval

Suggested end use

Cold Seal 788 is designed for sealing seams and joints on duct, duct wrap, and pipe insulation systems.  

 Ideal Tape ColdSeal Superior Adhesion Chart

ColdSeal Flyer


Backing thickness2 mils (0.05mm)
Adhesive typeColdSeal Acrylic
Total thickness3.5 mil (0.09mm)
Tensile strength20 lb/in (88 N/25mm)
Adhesion90 oz/in (25 N/25mm)

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