Plastics - Laminate

Plastic laminates are used in a wide variety of applications with stringent quality requirements. These materials present challenges for adhesive coated protective films and papers because of a wide variety of surface energies and migratory components. Through years of research we have identified films, papers, and adhesive systems that offer premium performance in a very cost-effective package.


Ski/Snowboard Manufacturers

We’ve got you covered with our 1500 and 1300 series ProtectRite film. These films are applied to the graphic prior to the injection molding process and keep the graphic perfect by providing any damage from overflow. The textured backside of the 1500 series features excellent support during the sanding process. The custom rubber adhesive will not interact with the graphic chemistry resulting in easy, clean removal when the process is complete. (See Laminate Guide)


Film Processors

You have just applied a perfect coating to a film, keep it that way with ABI Tape's Surface Protective films and tapes all the way through final usage by your customer. Our combination of the 72 series co-ex film with availability of both solvent and waterborne rubber and acrylic adhesives assures a perfect product for your application. (See Laminate Guide)


Furniture Manufacturers

Surface Protective films and papers offer the protection you need at a cost that saves you money. ABI Tape's Protective film is available in 2-mil up to 8-mil thick with a variety of adhesive coatings. Paper is available up to 20-mil thick. Whether you build finished furniture or decorative board, we have you covered. (See Laminate Guide)

Injection Molders

Injection Molders

Our high adhesion solvent acrylic ProtecRite film resists plasticizer migration and mold release agents to remove cleanly at your customers site. You make it perfect and we’ll keep it perfect.