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AB Italia

Located in Civitanova Marche, Italy is a subsidiary of the Tape Products Division which specializes in the converting and commercialization of pressure sensitive tapes and related materials for the footwear and leather goods markets.

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Today we are a global supplier of pressure sensitive tapes, protective films, commercial flooring, performance sheet rubber, and fashion jewelry. Tape Products Division provides a global customer base with a wide variety of specialized pressure sensitive tapes, films, and protective sheeting. It manufactures these by coating various substrates (paper, film, foil, nylon, polyester films, glass cloth, and others) using adhesive systems formulated with water and solvent-based materials.

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These products are manufactured in Moorestown, New Jersey and Lowell, Massachusetts, and marketed worldwide under American Biltrite and Ideal Tape brands. The division operates converting facilities in Belgium, Italy and Singapore and sales offices in China, South Korea and Thailand. The divisions products are used in numerous markets including automotive and transportation; construction (HVAC, Insulation, Electrical); shoe/footwear; graphic arts, print and signage; and various other industrial and consumer applications. The division's products are sold by a dedicated sales organization as well as select manufacturers' representatives in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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